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Battles of Antietam & Fredericksburg - 1862 The Uphill Battle. ♦ Roulette Farm and. Library of Congress recently at Bloody Lane at Antietam, this interactive panorama provides a ton of information, especially when viewed on a large screen. It's pretty.At the time of the Battle of Antietam, the farm was home to William and Margaret Roulette and their five children. The Roulettes did not own slaves, but did employ.

At the time of the Battle of Antietam, the farm was home to William and Margaret Roulette and their five children.Antietam Battlefield. Roulette Farm: Here we are climbing a significant hill on the Roulette Farm. Beyond the crest of the hill is the "Sunken Road".Relics were found at the Roulette Farm. Items include a brass scabbard tip, canteen spout and heel plate. Light surface dirt, rust and verdigris are present.ANTIETAM PANORAMA — William Roulette farm. The barn (pan left), house and spring house (pan right) were all used as makeshift aid stations/hospitals during and.The Mumma Family Lost Their Home at Antietam Image: Mumma Farm today No one in the community around Sharpsburg, Maryland suffered more during the Battle of Antietam.

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Posts about Bloody Lane Trail written by. Bloody Lane Trail antietam:. the Roulette Farm the Roulette Farm the pond along the Mumma/Roulette.

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In the aftermath of battle, the Roulette barn was used as a field hospital for many of the Union wounded during the Sunken Road fighting and 700 soldiers were buried in mass graves in his fields.

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I went to a Civil War re-enactment this weekend and heard there was a monument to honeybees on the Roulette farm at Antietam. Anyone know of a picture on the internet?.

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Title Roulette Farm, Storehouse, Sharpsburg, Washington County, MD Other Title Antietam National Battlefield.One of my favorite spots at Antietam is the William Roulette Farm, scene of terrible fighting during the late morning and afternoon of Sept. 17, 1862.

The barn became an ambulance station, where surgeons and orderlies performed triage and first aid.

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Scavenging soldiers appeared at the Otto house on Sept. 15. The next morning, the family left to find a safer place to wait out the battle.WA-II-0351 Richardson Avenue Sharpsburg Vicinity. WA-II-0351 Richardson Avenue Sharpsburg Vicinity. Roulette Farm Antietam Battlefield.Start studying Antietam battle. What attacked the federal as the crossed the roulette farm. How many casualties were there at the Battle of Antietam.Antietam on the Web,. 14th Connecticut Infantry. They were engaged in the furious combat on the Roulette Farm and at the Sunken Road between about 9 am and 1.

Some of the first shots of the battle were fired from the high ground between the Mumma cemetery and Smoketown Road, a few hundred yards behind the house.From widespread destruction to a strange silence: the civilian experience of the Battle of Antietam.

Antietam, a Virtual Tour. Antietam National Battlefield Tour Stop 8. Bloody Lane), view looking east from point a few yards east of Roulette Farm Road Page2.The Houses and Farms of Antietam / Sharpsburg. The Roulette farm today consists of the house and a nearby log.

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Antietam National Cemetery East W ods West Woods Dunker Church Mumma Farm Roulette Farm Sunken Road (Bloody Lane) North Woods The Cornfield 65 65 34 Snavelys Ford.

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The Pipers stayed with extended family during the battle and returned home to find their house and barn intact.

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Roulette Farm Sunken Road (Bloody Lane) Lower Bridge The (Burnside Bridge) Final Attack Antietam National Cemetery Visitor Center Miller Farmhouse.

JOHN BANKS' CIVIL WAR BLOG: Antietam: A rare piece of history from Roulette farm? JOHN BANKS' CIVIL WAR BLOG: Antietam: A rare piece of history from Roulette farm?. Photo: Roulette Farm, House, Sharpsburg

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Samuel and Elizabeth Mumma and their 10 children resided on this farmstead.

There also are maps and historic photographs and modern-day photos that offer comparisons of then and now.The Farmsteads at Antietam – William Roulette Farm. Today the Roulette Farm fields are leased to. Retrieved from

Roulette Farm - Antietam Maryland. Visitors Here: Roulette Farm - Antietam Maryland.

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The dead and injured covered the properties, many of which served as field hospitals.Modern Battlefield Images. D. R. Miller Farm On Hagerstown Pike The Battle of Antietam not only destroyed the lives of soldiers on the battlefield,.This picture was taken by one of our investigators. We did an investigation in May 2011 of the Antietam Battlefield. The picture is a window of the Roulette Farm on.Wilmer Mumma began, with a hint of bitterness in his voice, to tell his family's story of the Battle of Antietam.The Mummas lived on a farm in Sharpsburg 135 years.

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Roulette Farm Sunken Road. ANTIETAM NATIONAL BATTLEFIELD ANTIETAM NATIONAL BATTLEFIELD North 0. Antietam National Battlefield Map Author.

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